Hurricane Matthew is Heading to Bahamas After Leaving Mass Destruction in Cuba

Hurricane Matthew is now heading towards Bahamas after causing widespread destruction in Haiti and Cuba. It is the worst disaster to have hit Haiti ever since in 2010 and it has causes damages to the road and bridges in the area. Many Haitian homes have been destroyed and streets are flooded with a lot of water on Wednesday.

Hurricane Matthew was blowing at a high speed of 140 mph when it hit Haiti on 7 am on Tuesday. Most of the homes that are damaged by the hurricane storm are located in the south of Haiti. The hurricane has destroyed the homes of many Haitians causing them to put up temporarily in the tents and survival centers.

According to UN Secretary-General, it is estimated that at least 10,000 people are now living in the temporary shelter. The US has already sent out 300 US Marines from USS Mesa Verde to offer assistance to the people affected by the hurricane disaster in Haiti.

Cuba is not as badly hit by the storm compared to Haiti. The wind started blowing at a speed of 125 miles per hour in the wee hours of Wednesday. The first landfall in Cuba arrived on a remote island called Juaco and there is only a little bit of damage. The strong hurricane storm has brought some damages to Baracoa in Guantanamo, which is located within the proximity to US Naval base and military prison.

Bahamas’ fate could be even worse than Cuba when it arrive sometime in the night on Wednesday. A lot of heavy rain can be expected on Wednesday and Thursday. The Bahamas government has been persuading residents to relocate to a safer place because of the storm. The Ministry for Grand Bahama has made an announcement on their Facebook page that their offices will be shut down starting on Tuesday. The offices that will be closed down are in New Providence and Grand Bahama.

Storm warnings have been issued for certain areas in Florida as it continues to travel ahead. according to the forecast made by the National Weather Service, the strong hurricane wind in Bahamas will travel at a speed of 70 mph. It is expected that there will be at least 4 inches of rain in Florida. They forecast that the tropical storm will affect US regions including Georgia, and North and South Carolina even if Hurricane Matthew is only active in offshore.

Perry Christie, the prime minister of Bahamas expressed his concern over the impact that the hurricane will leave on the east coast of Florida. He told the media about his anxiety of the approaching disaster because he couldn’t do anything to stop nature.

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