Water Damage Restoration Services

Has your Florida home been damaged by water? Did your plumbing fail in some way or was the cause of the water damage a storm that moved into the area which allowed rain water to enter your home or business? If so, then the team at Disaster Cleanup Network can respond quickly to begin the cleanup and repair process. We have years of experience in dealing with water damage disasters, both small and large and can be on scene within one hour in most communities to help begin getting your life back to normal.

The actual process of repairing your home from water damage begins with extraction of standing water. In the cases of heavy water damage, restoration firms such as Disaster Cleanup Network will use truck-mounted water extraction pumps which are capable of removing tens of thousands of gallons of water per hour. Once the water has been pumped out, we will begin the drying out process. Special de-humidifiers are used as are specialized fans. Once the area has been thoroughly dried, a comprehensive inspection will take place to be sure that there is no moisture left behind which is trapped somewhere out of sight. This step is done to make sure that mold cannot begin to grow, which can create an entirely new set set of problems to deal with.

Disaster Cleanup Network, is available around the clock, seven days a week. We handle water damage at both the residential and commercial level and consider no job too big to tackle. We know that emergencies do not keep 9-5 working hours and in fact, they are most likely to occur at very inconvenient times. When your home has been damaged by water you need to seek help and get it fast.