Storm Damage Repair Services

Florida residents can take comfort in knowing that the team at Disaster Restoration Network is on call 24/7 following tropical storms and hurricanes. We can respond quickly to help secure your property following an unexpected disaster to help minimize residual property damages and begin the cleanup and repair process for your home or business. Our team has years of experience in dealing with property damages to residential and commercial properties following some of the largest hurricanes in Florida history.


One of the worst things that can happen to any Florida property following a storm is flooding. Residents all across the United States have witnessed first hand the destruction that the unexpected storm can cause and the good people of the Sunshine State are no exception. Flooding has been in the news quite a bit over the past few months and tens of thousands of families and business owners have been directly affected. Discovering that your home or business has several inches or even feet of dirty storm water inside it is shocking, heartbreaking and very stressful. However, regardless of how dismal things may look following the storm, you can rest assured that help is very close by.

By calling in a company such as Disaster Cleanup Network, that is always standing by to lend a helping hand, the cleanup process will get underway very quickly. You see, our expert team of professionals at our company know how devastating it is to be a victim of water damage and they also realize that time is of the essence. It is imperative that a quick and full assessment is made of the damage so that the proper plan of action is implemented. It is also very important that the area is safe to work in, so the storm damage cleanup team will be sure that the power is turned off to the affected areas and will see to it that every precautionary method is taken to ensure the safety of everyone working in the area.

Any standing water must be pumped out as soon as possible. All items that have become wet by the storm water must also be removed from the structure so that it can be either dried or discarded. Once the water extraction machines are done removing the standing water, the drying out phase of the work begins. This involves bringing in industrial strength fans and blowers as well as special de-humidifiers which will remove the moisture from the room. This is a very important part of the job because if everything is not completely dried, dangerous mold can begin to grow which can lead to some significant structural damage as well as cause some quite serious medical conditions.

While we certainly cannot control the weather in Florida or elsewhere for that matter, we can do some things around our homes and businesses to lessen the chances of them being damaged by storms. Trimming trees branches away from the home and grating property downward away from the structure are good steps to take as is installing window well covers which lock onto place. If by chance you still find yourself the victim of a heavy storm, be sure to call in a team of storm damage restoration experts to help you get things back in order as quickly as possible.

We here at Disaster Cleanup Network provide the residents and business owners in Florida the best storm damage cleanup services in the state, so turn to us when you need to get back on your feet following a storm.