Fire Damage Restoration Services

Disaster Restoration Network provides many services following an unexpected fire to your home or business. We can provide emergency board up services to secure the property immediately followning a disaster. We routinely provide water extraction services to remove excess water and chemicals from a property following the fire department response. We can clean and remove debris and smoke damage .Once the property has been properly secured our team can create a scope of damage estimate to review and begin implementing a reconstruction plan to help rebuild your property from minor to damages to complete reconstruction.

Did you know that fire can burn at over 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit? That is hot enough to melt many types of metal and this type of heat can undoubtedly cause extensive damage. When a fire in the home or a place of business is put out before the structure becomes a total loss, many property owners are left wondering where to turn. The utter shock of discovering that your Florida home or business has been damaged by fire leaves you feeling shell-shocked and bewildered.

No matter how hopeless things may look following a fire, you can rest assured that things can be dealt with. Calling a fire damage restoration company to the scene such as Disaster Cleanup Network will get things moving in the right direction. A highly reputed company such as ours will arrive on the scene so that a full evaluation of the damage can be done. There are several types of smoke including wet smoke which results from a low heat fire, dry smoke that is the result of a fast burning and very hot fire, protein smoke that is particularly smelly yet invisible to fuel oil soot smoke which is caused from furnace fires. A fire damage repair company is made up of a team of highly trained professionals who can properly identify the type of smoke that was produced by the fire so that the correct form of fire restoration clean-up can take place.

A very widespread and large fire may require that the occupants of the home or building vacate the premises and find alternative places to live or work. This type of fires often does a lot of damage which will require that parts of the structure be torn out and replaced. Smaller, more contained fires are still likely to require the assistance of a fire restoration company so that water from the fire hoses used to extinguish the flames can be pumped out. The area will also need to be dried completely and smoke damaged surfaces be cleaned. Ozone machines may need to be brought in which will clean the air and make the area inhabitable once again.

We here at Disaster Cleanup Network know how devastating fires can be. We are also aware of the fact that most home and business owners do not know how to properly clean up after a fire themselves and that some fire victims would rather not tackle the work themselves. And that is perfectly OK because it does take a good deal of hard work which involves knowing what procedures to use and which chemicals and equipment should be chosen to get the job done properly and efficiently. We cover both residential and commercial properties and our service is one that can be trusted for all of your Florida fire damage needs.